What's so Special About Shelter?

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What's so Special About Shelter? Empty What's so Special About Shelter?

Post by Aroww on June 23rd 2011, 12:23 pm

It came to me this morning to propose a question to yall: what makes Shelter so special? It's very obvious that a lot of us love this movie almost more than any other. I personally I went out and bought it with my last few bucks shortly after nearly wearing out the disc NetFlix sent me. I've gotta say, between the touching story shared between the two boys, the family dynamic and the simplicity of the story-telling to present just that, a story. I personally find this to be an incredible movie!! I find myself dreaming of California beaches and someone like Wright's character in the movie... I suppose it's my inner-idealist. Very Happy
I was curious to find what other "die hard" Shelter fans thought made this movie stand out as opposed to others, at least for you. Was it a personal connection or something else? There are so many movies out there with similar themes, yet this is the one that has sparked so much interest; this is one of those movies that when people love it, they watch it over and over and over Smile
What makes Shelter stand out?


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What's so Special About Shelter? Empty Re: What's so Special About Shelter?

Post by Doreen on June 24th 2011, 10:12 am

Welcome, Aroww!
Nice to meet one more human being in this forum.

What's so special about Shelter?
I think, it is the whole composition. The simple and real story, these two amazing actors, the chemistry between them, the world of surfing, the sunsets, Zach's art and of course: the music. I love the beginning with the skating tour through "the ghetto" in this beautiful golden sunlight. I love the small ideas that make it all so real: "Stepdad!", the walkie-talkies, the "nice shirt" from Shaun, the talk about Shaun's book....
There are so many impressively filmed scenes: Zach's "art studio" outside, the painting on the wall, the scenery in Zach's family, the amazing love scenes with that great music on it, Zach's moments in the car after visiting Shaun.
It is a movie to live and grow with the protagonists every second.
My favourite movie is Brokeback Mountain, but it is a movie to feel sad after watching.
Shelter leaves you with a romantic smile on your face and makes you feel strong enough to find your own way, too.

If I could I would thank Jonah Markowitz every day again for realizing this movie.

(I hope my English is good enough to understand what I try to say...)


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