Shelter Movie Locations: Update February 2014

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Shelter Movie Locations: Update February 2014 Empty Shelter Movie Locations: Update February 2014

Post by eric85 on February 18th 2014, 5:50 pm

Hey folks.

This forum doesn't seem to be active these days, but just in case there are a few interested Shelter fans out there, here's an update on some of the locations the movie Shelter used in San Pedro.

I had a chance to spend a few hours in San Pedro last weekend and some of the most familiar movie locations have changed, but some have not.  Here's an update:

- The bridge Zach skates across in the opening scenes has been repainted and the words "Welcome to San Pedro" painted over. It's now just a dull gray color.

- The promontory where Zach and Tori have their "talk" towards the end of the film is inaccessible. Over a year ago a landslide took out some of the road leading from San Pedro to the point. Part of what the slide took out was the path around a baseball field to the point. That path has disappeared and there is no room between the field and the cliff on the other side to walk. You just can't get there.  The road should be repaired this year but it's impossible to tell if the path will be replaced as well.

- In another early scene during the titles, Zach skates down a street with an empty lot to your right as you watch the movie. There's a building that says San Pedro on its wall. That building and the entire lot is now the scene of some large, two or three story construction. Mabe a motel?

- The grocery store where Zach and Cody sit was torn down very soon after the movie was filmed.  For a long time there was only an empty lot.  Now the lot is gone and there are expensive-looking two-story town homes in its place.

What's the same?

- Zach's house looks the same, even better than the last time I saw it. Fresh paint and a clean front yard at least.

- Tori's house is the same.

- Utros -- where Zach and Shaun eat and have a beer, has rearranged its dining room -- the brass diving helmet is still there but in a different locations.

- The Pacific Diner is the same--small, cramped, but great burgers.

- Zach's mural on the side of the liquor store was painted over the same day it was painted. Zach's "tree of life" was replaced by another mural that is still there, but faded.

- And Cabrillo Beach--the scene where Shaun and Zach throw a frisbee--is still there and unchanged.

That's all I had time to check out.  Obviously, time is taking its toll and the movie locations are changing.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the next year or two.



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