Shelter: Do We Risk a Sequel?

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Shelter: Do We Risk a Sequel?

Post by eric85 on October 6th 2010, 4:03 pm

Okay, I'm asking this question because of comments made in this forum in the past and most recently by new members.

Here's why I ask if we can "risk" a sequel to the movie. I think most of us would agree that the movie Shelter is pretty darn good if not almost perfect. The script's great, the actors fantastic, the setting just right. Everything combines to make what one reviewer called a "jewel of a film." Zach and Shaun meet and fall in love, struggle, fall out, and come back together again. The last glimpse of them on the beach suggests they have a fun, loving, committed relationship. It's a happy ending but not a silly, stupid, Hollywood musical ending. So pretty good, huh? (My only complaint about the film in fact, is that it's too short; I'd like another 20 or 30 minutes.)

So what if someone -- Jonah? -- makes a sequel? Will there be another happy ending? Will Zach and Shaun still be together? Will they fall out of love, struggle again, but not make it this time around? Will life grind Zach down regardless of Shaun? Will one or the other find someone else, you know, the usual one-night-stand-that-threatens-to-destroy-a-good-thing cliche? At the end of 90 (or so) minutes, will we the viewers be as much in love with the sequel as we were with the original? We all know that over time some relationships get stronger, some fall apart, but all relationships change. Can we deal with Zach and Shaun breaking up? Okay, maybe like Zach and Tori, they love each other but have to move on? But whatever, we might be verrrry disappointed.

And then there's the cast and director. Would Trevor and Brad be willing to make a sequel? Will doing another "gay" film hurt their careers? It's hard to imagine anyone else playing Zach and Shaun and impossible to think of anyone else playing Zach. And what if Jonah doesn't want to make a sequel? What if whoever "owns" the rights to Shelter hires someone else to write and direct? Will that person stay faithful to the tone and feel of the original or decide the film needs to be more gay, or less gay, or more hip, or have more action, or blah, blah, blah?

I guess my question comes down to this: do we want to mess with perfection? Do we want to risk disappointment? Or do we just want the sequel to play out in our heads where we control the script, hire the actors, and call "action?"

I'm not taking a stand either way -- yet. But I really want to hear what your think.


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Re: Shelter: Do We Risk a Sequel?

Post by crummage on October 11th 2010, 9:42 pm

It's definitely a hard question for us to answer. I mean, obviously we want more and more from Shelter. But we may be risking this perfect movie we have on our heads. I would vote no to a sequel, probably.

And it's very likely that'll never happen, so let's just savor what we have and dream to find our own Zach/Shaun. Smile


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Re: Shelter: Do We Risk a Sequel?

Post by MarceSe75 on October 20th 2010, 4:47 pm

Hey Eric:
I've read an interview where Brad Rowe talked about a possible tv series 2 years ago or so. Well, nothing happened ever since (Thank God!).
OK, this is my opinion, I'm 100 % against a sequel. We all know almost every single sequel sucked (yes, there's a few exceptions). I think the movie is just as magical as the way it is (low-budget, short, and so). I'd rather watch it a thousand more times than take a chance on a new one (with a new director, a new Zach, a new Shaun, a new Cody and so on). And, I'm pretty sure if they shoot a Shelter 2, it would be more gay-esque which we gays won't even tolerate. This is a humble opinion of mine. More than a sequel, it would be great if the movie could be released world wide (here in Argentina it isn't even for rent or sale which sucks!). Or a release including cut scenes ( it will make the movie longer) and funny takes...
I mean, I love everything about Shelter, I defend its happy ending because it gives me hope. I choose to believe its happy ending isn't an utophy or a longing for brokenhearted gay guys. It is possible and true. So guys don't wait for a sequel. Don't take our happy ending away. Peace. Smile

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Re: Shelter: Do We Risk a Sequel?

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