Oscar / BAFTA for the future ?

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Oscar / BAFTA for the future ? Empty Oscar / BAFTA for the future ?

Post by tonyinuk on October 17th 2010, 2:29 pm

Well Brokeback won about 4 and shelter remains an indie film. The more I see Trevor in various productions the more I believe he could win a film award as best actor. Certainly he is young at present, but his name is getting around here in the UK. Such a natural and gifted actor, as seen in Shelter I’m wondering if he will make it to the Hollywood greats during the next 20 to 30 years. Any support / ideas for this belief would be appreciated on the forum.

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Oscar / BAFTA for the future ? Empty Re: Oscar / BAFTA for the future ?

Post by Thélan on November 8th 2010, 9:55 pm

Okay, sorry it took about a month to reply. Yes, TW's brilliance goes a long way (but to where, who knows?). I hope he does well. I was drawn to your comment and your screen name because I think Trevor Wright reminds me a lot of a young Tony Leung Chiu Wai (maybe it's the abbreviations: TW and TLCW?). I think he's a very unique talent, who would do best to work with a specific director (or a small group of directors) who can both capture and nurture his gifts. Sort of how Chow Yun Fat worked with John Woo, Pitt works with Fincher, Leung works with Wong Kar Wai, Washington works with Lee, Depp works with Burton, Banderas works with Rodriguez and Deniro works with Scorsese etc. etc (you get my point, I hope.). I kind of like the fact that he's an enigma (is he 28 or is he 30? - he looks 26 to me, but who knows?) and I love the fact that he doesn't seem to take his career too seriously (which is why we're here pondering the "big" questions). I am more than a little concerned that he kinda looks a bit freeze-dried these days (though cute as always) and that Hollywood seems to be dragging its feet on giving him more parts, even if they are teeny weeny. I know the movie system is tough, but I really would argue (sober) that his performance in Shelter was one of the best portrayals by a young movie actor in the last 10 years. It's a sad day when Justin Timberlake can make The Love Guru and get top billing in The Social Network when Trevor Wright does Shelter and is the "B.U. Guy in Bra". Sorry . . . my rant is done. Sad

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