trevor's fleur de lis cross ring

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trevor's fleur de lis cross ring

Post by marcRPR on May 2nd 2011, 11:17 am

It's probably been discussed before but there is a seller on eBay who sells an almost replica of his ring that you see in his role in shelter, vicious circle, air buddies, csi, to appearances for awards or others.

The one I'm talking about is

This image only shows the front but in shelter at the start where Trevor takes a photo you can see what the side looks like.

His ring is sterling silver with a fleur de lis gothic cross on it.
The duplicate is only a brass ring with a rim on the top and bottom. I asked the seller since he makes "handmade" rings if he can make it out of sterling and remove the rim. It would cost us$60 roughly each but since they have to custom order it there is a minimum of 50 rings.

Here is the link.

Anyone else been able to find a better copy of it or been able to make it?


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Re: trevor's fleur de lis cross ring

Post by Doreen on May 7th 2011, 8:10 pm

Oh, I'm interested in, too.
Hope, I'll find it also on german ebay in the cheaper version. 60$ is much money. Okay - for "handmade" of course not too much, but I'm afraid that we will not find 50 buyers.

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