Does Your Life Influence Shelter?

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Does Your Life Influence Shelter?

Post by Aroww on July 4th 2011, 11:49 am

I had this thought the other day and I find no better place to ask this question than here. Do you relate to Shelter so much because it relates to your real life/circumstances or just because it’s the story it is? I find myself wondering what makes a story like this so relatable. I’m able to watch this movie again and again. Being someone who greatly enjoys a good story, I wondered what about this movie gave it this quality... It hit me then, is it because I can personally relate to the characters (I can see myself in each of them) and the circumstances that I find this movie so re-watchable....

For me, I think it's a combination of the characters and the story (which, I would assume, is the most popular answer). I really relate to this story in particular because it's boys coming of age and discovering themselves and what they want out of life. What makes them feel good. What direction they think they should be going. Where they want their dreams to take them. In my own personal life, this is a constant. Where do I want to go? What do I want out of being here? I think watching some of these questions play out on the screen is what makes this story so compelling.
I can really relate to the "firsts" of a relationship too. Regardless of my age, my experience level still causes the butterflies, even for the people on screen. I think the idea of not knowing you’re gay until you find someone who captures your heart -someone you had no idea would- is extraordinarily interesting! This story does a wonderful job of that. Even just as an example, we can see Zach going through all these changes and in constant outward denial -think about the scene with Zach and Gabe at the diner. He doesn't come close to saying anything but "no" until Gabe mentions that he knows about he and Shaun. He's trying to first wrap his head around being attracted to Shaun and then, almost simultaneously, figuring out what that means in regards to him being gay. He knows how he feels about Shaun but past that it's kind of a haze. I think the story illustrates this very well.
The simplicity of story telling matched with such a complex story is what nabs me. I think personally, the relatability factor is what drew me in. Overall, I think this story is just like life and therefore makes a wonderful story! Just like my other favorites (particularly with gay films), I love stories that tell a slice of life tale which is relatable for most every stand point… each character has something to give/add and each character is relatable on some level. Shelter did a wonderful job of that –it truly sucked you in like a novel!


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Re: Does Your Life Influence Shelter?

Post by Doreen on July 11th 2011, 1:30 pm

Oh, Arrow, I should have come back earlier to this side!
Thanks for your great post. You write so well.
I agree with you in all what you said.
And of course I think everyone can find a connection to his own life. I'm a married woman and I realized at the age of 36 that I love a woman more than I loved someone else before. So many years without this discovery of myself...
When you see a movie like Shelter in those moments you know: everything can be, everything can happen, everything is possible. And you can feel good with this knowledge.
This is the most important message of Shelter: IT IS OKAY!!! You don't have to hide it.
For everyone who stands at the border of the decision for a new life or not - Shelter is a bright shining signpost.

I hope my English was good enough to understand what I tried to say....


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